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Tom, yesterday I played my first round with the Bang 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 and 21 woods….
Just for your info, I have been shooting in the high 80’s and Sunday I shoot 78 and without some mistakes should have been 72 using the new Bang woods. Thanks.
Ted Mentz

Tom, regarding my new Bang high lofted fairway woods:
The clubs arrived on Thursday a full day ahead of when you promised them. On Friday morning I went and hit a small bucket of shags with my new Bang 11 through 21 high-lofted fairway woods. I really liked the look and feel. As you know, I have been suffering from the dreaded shanks for 10 years and my handicap had risen from a 9 to as high as 15. Nothing consistently helped my shanks and I’d have 3-4 per round which cost me several strokes and embarrassment.
So, today, I played my first actual round with the Bangs. I shot a 79!! Not one shank! Not even a push! Every shot went high and straight. I hit 9 greens in regulation. I had the time of my life and my golfing buddies of 35 years shook their heads all day—especially when they were paying up after the round!!
I can’t thank you enough for this remarkable golf product. This is the best investment in golf I have ever made–EVER!! (In almost 50 years of playing golf.)
Jack Querio

The action wide sole clubs are awesome. I looked forward to the first time I would use these on the course as my driving range hits were just incredible when I first went out to hit with these. I played in my first 4 man scramble and I couldn’t be happier. I was crushing the ball off the tee with the Hybrid 3 and the irons gave me precise accurate hits!! Tom was awesome to work with and answered all my questions to properly fit me for the clubs. I recommend getting the spine alignment!!! I thought it was a marketing gimmick, but after getting the spine alignment done on my clubs and the difference it makes when hitting, you won’t regret your decision either. I am now looking to order a fairway wood or a driver as my next club to complete my set! Thanks Tom and golfclubsforeless!!!
Robert Lopez

My Dad is a teaching pro…. I picked out the Action irons at your store. It’s winter time now in Chicago, but I’ve been banging balls at the dome. These are really a great set of irons. Really easy to hit. I like them a lot. Thanks.
Adam Trudy

Thanks for the T-8 driver, and very prompt service. I got it yesterday; and hit balls at the range. WOW. It is a great driver. I was hitting some VERY LONG drives. I’m going to have a great 2007 with this puppy.
Glen Bennett

I’ve purchased 3 sets of irons, 2 rescue woods and 2 drivers from you and could not be more satisfied with the equipment or service that I have received. My sons both enjoy their sets and Jeremy broke 90 for the first time with the set you recommended.
I got my Bangenstein driver Friday and played 2 rounds. Driver is rock solid, long and easy to hit. The shaft selection was perfect. I hit 10 out of 14 fairways both rounds which is a great improvement over my Taylormade 320. I did not lose any distance (avg. around 260) and the misses are going much farther. I did bang out 3 that were 300 or over. Once again Thanks for the quality service, it’s hard to find these days.
Joe, Jeremy and Chris Graves

My golf instructor told me “it’s not the arrow, it’s the indian”.. He’s nuts. The “arrow” makes all the difference. These Turbo Plus 3 irons, and Turner driver, have REALLY helped my game. I’m hitting the ball farther, and much straighter. I’ve knocked off 6 shots since getting these clubs.
Neil from Nebraska

I can’t believe how easy these Turbo Plus 3 irons are to hit. They are really accurate, nice high ball flight. Thanks for making the game more fun.
Dan Hunt

I’m 76 years old, and bought the Turbo Plus 3 irons. I’ve been playing better than I have in years, and one of my playing partners said I should give you some more money. (I paid about $250 for these graphite shafted irons, and they are SO much easier to hit than my $900 previous set of clubs.)
Jack Senor

One of my buddies bought the Turner driver, really liked it, and suggested I pick one up. I did. Just wanted to let you know it’s a great driver. Very long, and definitely very forgiving. There is a big sweet spot on this thing. I really like it,
Chris Merced

I’ve been breaking 80 consistently since I put the TM32 irons in my bag. They are a really nice club – very solid, and they go where I aim them. I’m very happy.
Bob Gainley

I’ve been playing golf for 3 years. I bought the Turbo Power irons about 3 months ago, and have been playing a LOT better. I’ve had several rounds in the 90’s since I bought them, and I had never broken 100 before.
Derrick Hayes

The Turbo Power irons are really an easy club to hit. They have really increased my confidence. I’m much more consistent now, and when I hit the club out towards the toe, I still get a pretty good shot.
Terry Walters

I bought the TM32 irons with graphite shafts. My first time with graphite shafts in irons. These are really forgiving golf clubs. I’ve picked up about 15 yards. I’m really enjoying myself these days on the golf course.
Lenny Santora

I hadn’t bought clubs in 5 or 6 years. The new stuff on the market is awesome. When I was in your store looking around, you let me take several demo clubs to the range. I wound up buying the Seahawk driver, Turner 3 and 5 woods, and TM32 irons. I’m playing so much better golf now. These manufacturer’s have really improved the quality and playability of golf clubs over the last few years.
Tom Simpson

The first two times I played with the TM32 irons, my scores went UP. Yet I knew I was hitting the ball a lot better. It finally dawned on me that I was hitting the ball OVER the green, and that I needed to take 1-2 clubs less that what I used to hit. These irons are very long, and very forgiving.
John Dougherty

Your ad says it all. “The latest technology at affordable prices.” Maybe you should change it to “cheap prices”, because at these prices I might have to buy a new set every year. I’m really impressed with the quality of your equipment.
Bobby Taylor

I bought the Integra L1 Titanium driver from you earlier this year. It is absolutely the best driver I have ever hit. It is really long. WOW!
Pat Barrett -16 Hdcp.

I bought 3 of the Super Concorde fairway woods. They have changed my game. Previously, I could not hit a fairway shot 150 yards. Now I consistently hit the ball straight from 150 to 185 yards. What a difference!.
Tim O'Reilly - 22 Hdcp.

This game is a lot of fun when you are using great equipment. Your clubs are the best (and the prices are unbelievable).
Bob Schroeder - 13 Hdcp.

I’ve been playing golf for 15 years. My handicap went from 22 to 16 in one season with the clubs I bought from you. (The Turbo Power irons, and Integra L woods.) Technology is a wonderful thing.
Mike Jacobs - 16 Hdcp.

I’ve been playing pro-line clubs my entire golfing life. I bought a set of your “clone -type ” irons. I really liked the looks of them, but basically did not expect any great performance out of them, because they were so inexpensive. I love them. They are more forgiving, and accurate, than any of the pro-line clubs I have played in the past.
Mark Peterson - 3 Hdcp.

I played Hogan Edges for several years. I liked them a lot. Last year I bought the TM III irons. I added a club in distance and am hitting my irons much more solid an accurate. I LOVE these clubs. You sell great stuff, at super prices.
Pete Anderson - 5 Hdcp.

I’ve hit or bought about 8 different drivers in the last year. The Beta Titanium Stiletto is definitely my choice. Nothing I’ve hit compares.
Mike McCarron - 14 Hdcp.

The Integra L1 Titanium is the best golf club investment I have ever made.
Mike Riley - 12 Hdcp.

The Integra L1 Titanium is really long. It has a lower ball flight than most titanium drivers – so the ball rolls and rolls.
Mike Mattson - 14 Hdcp.

I used to play Dunlop irons. I bought the TMIII irons and I am hitting my irons 15-20 yards farther. I can’t believe it.
Mark Foley

I’ve never hit my irons so solid and consistently. These TM III irons are the best irons I have ever played. (I think the copper tungsten inserts in the sole of the club are what makes this clubhead so solid. This is golf club technology at its best.)
Tom O'Malley - 17 Hdcp

I love this driver (Integra L1 Titanium). I’m usually hitting two clubs less on my second shot. It is one long club.
Don Hanson - 9 Hdcp

I have added 25 yards to my driver (Integra L1 Titanium). The ball just jumps off the face. I would gladly have paid double the price if I knew I could hit it so far.
John Dixon

I bought a set of your TMIII irons at the end of last year. My handicap has gone from 15 down to 12, and if I could get my putting straightened out, I should be able to get to a single digit handicap for the first time in my life. These are the most accurate irons I have ever hit.
John Miller - 12 Hdcp.

I never broke 90 before I bought these irons (Turbo Power) I broke 90 three times this year, and one round was an 86. These are GREAT clubs.
Jeff Johnson

The Turbo Power irons are great. Definitely very forgiving. I’m hitting much better iron shots than ever before. The game is a lot more fun with good equipment.
Tom Morrow - 19 Hdcp.

The TM-III irons are the most solid, forgiving and accurate irons I have ever played. And I have played most of the major brands. I also love the fact that I saved about $450.00.
Joe Walsh - 8 Hdcp.

I had not bought a new set of clubs in about 20 years. This new technology is unbelievable. I added a good 10-15 yards to my irons (Turbo S-II), but the best part is that I’m hitting my irons so much straighter and so much more consistently.
Joe Kosartes - 16 Hdcp.

Since I bought the TM III irons, two more guys in my group have also bought them. What a great set of clubs!
Steve Smith - 14 Hdcp.

The TM32 irons are really sweet. I’m really happy I found you guys.
Art Thomas

I bought the Turner driver, Turner fairway woods, and TM32 irons. I’m hitting my drives farther than I ever have, and the irons are fabulous – very forgiving. I’m still “shocked” at how cheap I got these clubs for. You sell REALLY QUALITY GOLF CLUBS.
Larry Mills

I’ve hit some drives about 40 yards farther than ever before. That Trident driver is unbelievable. I hated the “tin can” sound at first, but now I love it. The ball just goes forever.
Dick Smith

The Turbo Plus 3 irons my wife and I bought from you are GREAT. Really easy to hit. We’re both playing a lot better.
Tom Douglas

Tom, Thanks for your time answering questions for me back in Dec/Jan on proper club selection & purchase.
I just used my clubs for the 1st time this week & love them. I may not have scored well, but I hit many good drives & fairway woods. The “Callaway type” irons feel great & hit many solid shots. Again, can’t say I was perfect because I’ve also decided to take lessons for the 1st time at the spry age of 65 and hope to be able to play a better game.
You should also know that during my 1st round, I joined up with two “strangers” who commented on my “good looking” Callaway’s! I explained how I purchased them from you & the one fellow asked for your web-site so he could purchase a set from you for his son/son-in-law(?).
Hope all goes well for a good “business man” & a nice person. Everything you promised me as far as delivery, quality & price were met & I’m very satisfied. Will recommend you to anyone who mentions purchasing a new set of clubs.
Steve Simon

You asked me for feedback on the Action Wide Sole irons. Absolutely terrific. They have a huge sweetspot. What a big upgrade over my previous iron set. I’m a senior citizen, have only been playing golf for 5 years. They have made my iron game SO MUCH better. Based on the quality of your product, I’m ordering a set of fairway woods also…..
Irv Eagle

Just thought I’d give you some feedback on the SV-3 driver. Very long in distance, VERY forgiving, VERY ACCURATE. It’s a great driver that will help most golfer’s games. (The only “negative”. It is loud, and sounds like a tin can. But who cares with the results.
Jerry Ringgold

I bought the SV-3 Square Head model (with the Harrison Pro 4.5 shaft). Added 10-15 yards in distance, but even more impressive was the accuracy. I play on a course with very narrow fairways. I’ve never hit the ball so straight (and so far). The only problem… I lent my new driver to by buddy. He’s played with it for 5 rounds, and no kidding, he won’t give it back to me. Send me another one, with the exact same specs. I could sell 20 of these drivers at my club, but then I’d lose my competitive advantage. (Sorry.)
Dr. Warren Jahn

Last week, I was in a pro shop just looking around and saw my irons on a display rack. I was amazed that a fancy pro shop was selling my “knock off” brand, but when I took a closer look I saw that they were actually the Callaway Big Bertha Irons. Except for the name they were “identical” to my clubs, (“Turbo” brand that I had purchased from Golf Clubs Fore Less). I asked the manager for permission to bring one of my irons into his shop. I showed him my seven iron and he and his assistant compared it to the Callaways in the display rack. They were both amazed, and could see no difference between the two models.. They were even more amazed that I had paid less than $200 for my clubs and their clubs were on sale for just under $600.
Ross Olmos

My son is trying to make it on tour, and is playing your TMIII irons and Turner driver. He shot a 64 last week.
Jim Cummings

Thanks for suggesting the Bertha style irons (Turbo Plus 3). They are awesome! You said they would be easy to hit, and they really are.
Larry Walters

Thanks for recommending the Integra L1 titanium driver in the 12 degree loft. When I told you I was kind of wild off the tee, you suggested this driver. I’m hitting it a ton, and a lot straighter. I love this driver. I really love this driver.
Dan Peil

I wanted to get some new irons but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I’m really happy with the Turbo Power irons I got. I’m recommending you to all my friends.
Mike Hummel

I’ve been playing the TM III irons for a little over a year.. These are the longest and most forgiving irons I have ever hit. I just bought a titanium driver from you, and I figure I got it for free – based on the money I saved on the irons.
Dean Lehmann - 15 Hdcp.

I’m an assistant pro in Indiana. I recommended your clubs to several of the people I give lessons to, and who are on a “tight budget”. The quality is exceptional, and the cost is extremely reasonable.

I like to buy golf clubs. I own a Great Big Bertha and a Titleist Titanium driver. I was in your store and you suggested I demo the Integra L1 titanium driver – so I did. As you know I hit it so well I bought it. I have been playing with it for about 5 months now, and I am definitely hitting it farther than the other two drivers. This club is really long. (Plus it cost about 1/3 of what I paid for the other big name clubs.)
Dan Blocker - 11 Hdcp.

I went from a 14 handicap to an 8, just by putting your Integra L1 driver in my bag (12 degree). I’m hitting fairways now like NEVER before, and hitting the ball farther. This driver is awesome.
Fred Kropf

Based on your recommendation I bought the 12 degree Integra titanium driver, the Super Concorde fairway woods, and the Turbo Power irons. Man, oh man, I am shooting scores I never thought I was capable of. I broke 90 twice in the last two weeks. Before this year, and these clubs, I had never broken 100. I LOVE THIS GAME!
Tim Krueger

The best driver I have ever hit is the new Integra L1 Titanium. It is long, long, long, and very forgiving.
T.J. Anderson - 8 Hdcp.

The Super Concorde fairway woods are so easy to hit. It’s nice to finally hit the ball straight from 180 to 220 yards. These clubs are really a confidence builder.
Terry Jacobs - 15 Hdcp.

You asked me to let you know how my new full set of Titan Iron/woods (3-PW hybrids) performed. I have taken more time to respond than I intended for two reasons. First we have had a lot of rain this summer and fall which meant I have not had many good golf days, and second, I wanted to use them long enough to be certain of the differences that they have made.

There are significant differences between the iron/woods and my old Ping Eye 2 blades:

1. Iron/woods give me about 5 more yards per club. Extra distance is always welcome, especially at my level of “maturity” (old age). But this is the least important result obtained.

2. I hit the Iron/woods straighter and more consistently. This fact gives me more confidence in the clubs and therefore better performance. I no longer fear pulling the shot as I did with the Ping Eye 2. Now I can count on a very slight fade into the target. I like that a lot.

3. Chipping and pitching is easier with Iron/woods. The shape of the clubhead makes it almost impossible to “chunk or chili-dip” a shot. Also I feel that I can swing smoother and slower which provides a much more accurate short game. This is a real plus for better scores.

Tom, you did a good job for me. My partners at Country Club of Naples all want to try my Iron/woods. You will hear from some of them. Thanks!

Frank DiBlasi