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Do you want your club(s) spine aligned?

Add $5 per club not to exceed $29.



(Available from #2 to PW and SW)

Buy one or the full set!

The first picture shows the 3, 4, 5 and 6.

The picture below shows the 7, 8, 9, Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge.

 The picture below shows a couple of different views.


These clubs are ridiculously forgiving…  I don’t think anybody makes a club any more forgiving than this model…

Available right and left handed in the # 2 thru Pitching Wedge and a Sand Wedge.  Similar in design to the Taylor Made® hybrids, but these go all the way up to a Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge.  (Note, the Sand Wedge will be great for that 80 to 90 yard shot… but probably not too great for a short sand shot out of the bunker)

Additionally, these hybrids have stronger lofts than traditional irons… particularly in the short irons..

# 2 loft = 16 degrees; # 3 = 19 degrees; # 4 = 22 degrees; # 5 = 25 degrees; # 6 = 28 degrees;
# 7 = 31 degrees; # 8 = 34 degrees; # 9 = 37 degrees; PW = 40 degrees; and SW = 43 degrees.

So you should hit these short hybrids significantly longer than a traditional short iron….

Price:  For a “full set” of 8 clubs in the 3-PW:

Steel shafts, any flex: $295;  Or Graphite shafts, any flex: $375.

With the purchase of the full set of 3-PW, we will give you a free club.. either the matching # 2 hybrid, or matching SW, or a traditional Sand Wedge or traditional lob wedge, (or you can skip the free club with this 8 club purchase, and get free head covers instead).

Individual club prices:  Steel shaft @ $49, graphite shaft @ $59.

Set of three:  Steel @ $130, graphite at $160.

Set of four:  Steel @ $165, graphite @ $210.

Set of five:  Steel @ $200, graphite @ $255

Set of six:  Steel @ $230, graphite @ $285

Set of seven:  Steel @ $260, graphite @ $320

**Set of eight as described above:  Steel @ $295, graphite @ $375.

Note: ** With the purchase of 8 clubs… we give you a free one.  So if you order the 3-PW, you get a free # 2 (15 degree) or free SW (45 degree).  Of for your free club, you can select a free traditional (non hybrid) SW or Lob Wedge. Or skip the free club and get free headcovers.

If you want all 10 clubs, the price is $325 for steel shafts, or $405 for graphite shafts. Headcovers not included at this price. See below.

Head covers available:  Set of 9 for $45, set of 10 = $50. (Or $6 each)


2 reviews for X9 HYBRIDS

  1. Alex Baste

    excellent… i needed easier clubs to hit after a knee surgery these are consistent with a crisp sound a nice flight..set was very well made to specs and serviceimpeccable

  2. Thomas M Harmon

    Love these hybrids. Hit em high and land them soft. Plus, I got my distance back. Just turned 70 and my 7 hybrid goes 145-150 again. 9 hybrid 135 3 hybrid 190
    Love em!!

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