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Do you want your club(s) spine aligned?

Add $5 for your driver to be spine aligned.


Available right handed only, in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 12, and 14 degrees.

Price:  $115 with our standard graphite ultra lite shaft.  Any flex,  ladies, men’s senior, regular, firm or stiff.

This is a really solid, forgiving club head.  The cup face design, incorporated with internal weighting inside the club head, combine to produce a head that has a really big sweet-spot.

Additionally, there are two sliding weights (17 grams), that can be adjusted (if you want), to hit the ball a bit higher or lower; and to give you a fade or draw bias.

The driver comes to you with neutral settings, but you can use the two sliding weights in the rear track, and the center track to do some “tweaking”.  The weight in the rear track can be moved from the middle to the head, for a bit of a draw bias.  Or moved towards the toe, for a bit of a fade bias.   The weight in the center track can be moved towards the face, for a bit lower ball flight; or towards the back of the head, for a bit higher ball flight.

Or you don’t need to mess with the weights at all…

This is a solid head, big sweetspot, and a lot of pop off the face.


2 reviews for X888 TITANIUM DRIVER

  1. Chuck

    This driver is a big step up from my starter set. Added 20+ yards to my drives! (I’m 66 years old with a bad back.) The golfforeless staff was very helpful in club selection.

  2. Byron

    Bought this for my Dad (68th) Bday. He has played 2 rounds now. He hits very straight and getting really good contact. It did add little yardage off the tee but for him its more straighter and bigger sweet spot. its great to see him smiling off the tee again!
    This was a great investment/Bday gift. He is loving it!

    Thank you for all the help and suggestions!! 3 for 3!

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