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Note:  The Single Length Hybrids are back in stock.

Right Handed Only.




All clubs are made to a 7 iron length!

A set of hybrid golf clubs, the # 4 thru Pitching Wedge, and a "strong SW".  Designed to replace the equivalent irons, with a set of clubs much more forgiving than traditional irons - and to allow you to play golf quite possibly better than ever before.

Not only do we have an easy to hit, more forgiving set of clubs, but have also built them within the SINGLE LENGTH CONCEPT.


In the first two sections, I'll talk about the SINGLE LENGTH concept.  Then I'll be specific to these SINGLE LENGTH HYBRIDS.

We have had lots of golfers over the years ask for single length irons, and we've always had to say no.  (You can't just "cut down" a traditional set of irons...... Since a traditional 3 iron head weights about 245 grams, a 5 iron about 259 grams, a 7 iron about 272 grams, 9 iron about 287 grams, PW @ 297 grams,,,,, if you cut down the longer clubs to a 7 iron length, then those clubs become way too light, and the shafts too stiff.  And the shorter clubs like the 9 and PW would be too heavy..... Long story short, while you are trying to improve consistency, you would make it far worse... and would have no consistency because of the weight differential between clubs (the difference between a # 4 and a Pitching Wedge would be huge).... and performance would be awful.  Also the lie angles would be all messed up.  For the long irons, the heel would be up in the air, and the short irons, the toe would be up in the air.)

Those problems have been solved by making all the club heads the same weight as the # 7 iron, and all lie angles the same as the lie angle of the # 7 iron.  Thus every clubhead has the same weight of 272 grams, and the same lie angle of 62.5 degrees.  And assuming standard length clubs, every steel shafted club in the set is 37", and every graphite shafted club is 37.5".  Also each club from the # 4 through PW weighs the same.  Your set up for each iron shot is now the same for each iron.....your swing is the same for each iron.

The purpose of a single length iron set is to promote a more consistent swing, and eliminate your having to make stance, ball position, and swing plane adjustments per club as the club gets longer (or shorter).  Golf is one heck of a complicated game..... This change can make the game a bit simpler and less complicated. The single length irons will very probably improve the consistency of your iron play, and lead to better ball striking throughout your iron set, and which ultimately should lead to lower scores (and more fun on the golf course.)


Moe Norman (Of Natural Golf Fame, and in the Canadian Hall of Fame, and known as one of the best ball strikers in the history of golf) played with single length irons for many years.

Bobby Jones, the only player to win all the majors in one year, used single length irons.

Bryson DeChambeau won the 2015 NCAA Individual Championship, and the 2015 U.S. Amateur, (the 5th player in history to win both in the same year)  He turned pro after playing in the Masters as an amateur.  He plays single length irons.  Keep your eye on this rising star.               

Tommy Armour Golf used to make the EQL irons (EQL standing for Equal Length irons...) Where the 3-6 were one length, and the 7-PW were another length.

In the last few years, our hybrid golf club sales have exploded.  Hybrids are just flat our easier to hit than traditional irons for so many people.  The average player typically has far less mishits in a round of golf with hybrids vs. traditional irons.

Even the majority of truly excellent players prefer the forgiveness and increased consistency with hybrids as opposed to irons in the # 2, 3 and often # 4.

And so many mid handicappers have not only replaced their # 5 and 6 irons with hybrids, but we're seeing large amounts of golfers replacing their 7, 8, even 9 irons and pitching wedges. They are just easier to hit more consistently.  The ball goes straighter....and you don't have to work as hard at playing better.

I would say the following is a very true statement.  For the average golfer... If you hit 10 balls with your 6 iron, and you hit 10 balls with a good  # 6 hybrid, there is no doubt you will hit more good shots with the # 6 hybrid.

And now we are offering SINGLE LENGTH HYBRIDS.

Not only can you get the improved forgiveness and consistency of hybrids, but also the improved consistency of Single Length clubs.

Each I-Win hybrid, the # 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and PW,  all have the same head weight of a normal 7 iron.  And all have the same lie angle as a normal 7 iron.  And all are built to the same shaft flex as a normal 7 iron. (Which will be the shaft flex best suited to you.)  Assuming steel shafts, and assuming standard men's length, all the clubs are built to the same 37" length.  Graphite shafted clubs on a standard length basis,  are built to a 37.5" length.

Your stance, or set-up, is the same for the # 4 as it is for the # 7, and the same for the # 9.  Your swing is the same for each club.  No posture changes by club, no ball position changes by club, no swing plane adjustments going from a long iron/hybrid to a short iron/hybrid. It's hard to imagine how your consistency and ball striking cannot improve with SINGLE LENGTH Clubs.

These SINGLE LENGTH hybrids are the finishing touch in increased forgiveness, and improved accuracy.  And to better golf and more darn fun.

The one possible downside to Single Length clubs - you may find your self losing some distance in the longer clubs.  More accuracy, but less distance.  Because the clubs are so much shorter in the longer clubs.  I would say this is especially true for the player with a slower swing speed.

Available Right Handed Only.  In the # 4 thru PW, and SW.  (Note the SW is 45 degrees and not a traditional SW.  Great for a short shot in the 80 to 90 yard range,  but definitely not designed for a sand shot out of the bunker.)  You still need to carry your traditional Sand Wedge.

Following are the lofts of each club:

# 4 loft = 21 degrees; # 5 = 25 degrees; # 6 = 28 degrees; # 7 = 31 degrees; # 8 = 34 degrees: # 9 = 38 degrees; pitching wedge = 42 degrees; and the Sand Wedge (which is not a true sand wedge) is 45 degrees.

The Lie Angle of each clubhead is 62.25 degrees.  The weight of each clubhead is 272 grams.

Price:  For a "full set" of 8 clubs in the 4-PW and strong SW:

Steel shafts, any flex: $350;  Or Graphite shafts, any flex: $419

Add hybrid headcovers for $6 apiece.

Individual prices, or partial set prices :

Prices for one or more Single Length Hybrids, Steel or Graphite shafts. (Any Shaft Flex)

Individual club prices:  Steel shaft @ $59, graphite shaft @ $69.

Set of three:  Steel @ $149, graphite at $179.

Set of four:  Steel @ $196, graphite @ $235.

Set of five:  Steel @ $235, graphite @ $290.

Set of six:  Steel @ $270, graphite @ $335.

Set of seven:  Steel @ $315, graphite @ $365.

Set of eight:  Steel @ $350, graphite @ $419.



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