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I-Drive Square Head Fairway Woods


Do you want your club(s) spine aligned?

Add $5 for your Fairway Woods to be spine aligned.



Square headed fairway woods.
Available right now in right handed and left handed. in the 3, 5 and 7 woods.
Virtually identical to our SV-3 Square Head Model, but with a slightly different sole plate.  Black color.

The visual look at address should give you a ton of confidence. The straight edges at the heel and toe of the club make alignment so simple and confidence inspiring….

In terms of technology and engineering, these square head clubs have a higher MOI (Moment of Inertia) than other most other club heads.  The farther back the center of gravity, the higher the MOI.

The results of a higher MOI – the more forgiving the club, AND the more accurate (ESPECIALLY on mishits).

The club face tends to be on the low profile side, making it easy to get down and get at the ball.

Price:  $59 each with steel shaft, any flex; or $69 graphite shaft, any flex.

Price for set of three:  $147 steel shafts, or $177 graphite.



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