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Original price was: $69.00.Current price is: $50.00.

Do you want your club(s) spine aligned?

Add $5 per club not to exceed $29.


The Latest Full Hybrid Set

The first picture shows the 3 thru 7


The picture below shows the 8, 9, PW and strong SW (45 degrees)

The picture below shows the # 3, 6 and SW hybrid

Available right handed only.

  The latest in a line of complete hybrid models.  Many thousands of golfers have found the satisfaction and joy of playing hybrids compared to traditional irons…..  This B-2 Hybrid model continues the tradition of improvement in technology, with a large sweet-spot, and a nice ball speed off the face.  Additionally the white/black top of the club reduces glare from the previous white finish.

Lofts are as follows:

# 2 = 15 degrees, 3 = 19 degrees, 4 = 22 degrees, 5 = 25 degrees, 6 = 28 degrees, 7 = 31 degrees, 8 = 34 degrees, 9 = 38 degrees, PW = 42 degrees, and S = 45 degrees. (Note the S is not a true Sand Wedge…. you still need to carry your traditional Sand Wedge.)

You can buy as few as you want, or as many as you want.

Price:  For a “full set” of 8 clubs in the 3-PW:

Steel shafts, any flex: $330;  Or Graphite shafts, any flex: $419.

With the purchase of the full set of 3-PW, we will give you a free club.. either the matching # 2 hybrid, or matching SW, or a traditional Sand Wedge or traditional lob wedge. (See below for head cover option.)

You do NOT have to buy a full set.  You can buy clubs individually, or as many as you want… Prices are as follows:


SALE Price:  $59 $45 each with steel shafts,  $69 $50 each with graphite shaft. Any flex.

SALE Price for the 8 club set,  plus the free club:  Steel shafts @ $289, or graphite shafts at $335.
Note:  With the purchase of 8 clubs… we give you a free one.  So if you order the 3-PW, you get a free # 2 (15 degree) or free SW (45 degree).  Or for your free club, you can select a free traditional (non hybrid) SW or Lob Wedge.

If you want all 10 clubs, the price is $395 for steel shafts, or $475 for graphite shafts. (No head covers.)

Head covers available:  Set of 9 for $54, set of 10 = $60. (Or $6 each)

Note:  If you are buying at least 8 clubs, with graphite shafts…. you can choose to not take the free club, and get free head covers instead.
If you are buying at least 8 clubs with steel shafts, you can choose to not take the free club, and for an additional $10 we will give you the head covers.


1 review for HEATER B-2 HYBRIDS

  1. Byron S Klingaman

    We had bought these for my step dad for fathers day this year. Since he has hitting them he has dropped 2 clubs down which is great for him. He is (58) with bad right shoulder and now his back to hitting his normal distance when he was healthy and in his 20 and 30s. After getting these he ended up going to back and getting the driver and 3 wood as well. HIS WORDS he is now set for life on golf clubs!!

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