Do you want your club(s) spine aligned?

Add $5 for your driver to be spine aligned.



Adjustable to Draw/Fade/Neutral

This 460 cc titanium driver is similar in design to the TaylorMade M-1� driver.  As you can (hopefully) see from the pictures above, there is a sliding 15 gram weight close to the face, that can easily be moved from the middle (neutral setting), to the toe (fade setting) or to the heel (draw setting).  Additionally there is a sliding track towards the back of the clubhead, where a 10 gram weight can be moved to allow you to fine tune the height of your drives.

Available right handed only, in lofts of 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees.

Price:  $105 with our standard graphite ultra lite shaft.  Any flex,  ladies, men’s senior, regular, firm or stiff.



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