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13 WOOD, 15 WOOD, 17 WOOD, 19 WOOD, AND 21 WOOD.

If you struggle with your iron play, or find that it gets worse every year as you get older, then take a look at these clubs in the higher lofts.  (If your swing speed is under 85 MPH, and you hit 10 balls with a 7 iron, and 10 balls with an 11 wood; the odds are great that you will hit more good shots with the 11 wood.  It’s just easier to be more consistent with a club that has a bigger sweet-spot, and a wider sole with a higher MOI.)

The 1st picture shows a 3, 5, 7 and 9 wood.

The next picture below shows an 11, 13, 15 and 17 wood.

The last picture below shows a 19 wood and 21 wood.

These Bang Storm fairway woods have a maraging face, which is harder than the traditional stainless steel face… (similar to the face of the Orlimar TriMetal woods from years ago.)  They also have slightly smaller club heads than the Bang SF Series woods..  (Whereas the Bang SF series woods, particularly in the 3 thru 11 woods, are pretty oversize heads.)  These Bang Storm heads are more “average size” fairway wood heads, and maybe even a little easier to hit off of tight lies.
Cosmetically, these Bang Storm heads are really beautiful club heads.
Here are the lofts of each club head:
# 3 wood = 16 degrees
# 5 wood = 20 degrees
# 7 wood = 24 degrees
# 9 wood = 28 degrees
# 11 wood = 32 degrees
# 13 wood = 36 degrees
# 15 wood = 40 degrees
# 17 wood = 44 degrees
# 19 wood = 48 degrees
# 21 wood = 54 degrees

Regarding what wood is equivalent to what iron…..Iron lofts have gotten a lot “stronger” over the last few years.  So today’s 5 iron loft is approximately equal to a 4 iron loft from a few years ago. (Or a 9 iron loft = about an 8 iron loft from a few years ago.)
So based on today’s stronger iron lofts…
A 7 wood is roughly equal to a 5 iron.
A 9 wood is roughly equal to a  6 iron.
An 11 wood is roughly equal to a 7 iron.
A 13 wood is roughly equal to an 8 iron.
A 15 wood is roughly equal to a 9 iron.
A 17 wood is roughly equal to a PW.
A 19 wood is equal to a 48 degree Gap Wedge.
A 21 wood is approximately equal to the loft of an average Sand Wedge, so it’s designed for shots shorter than your pitching wedge.  Will go high and land soft….

Price of the Bang Storm fairway woods:


Price for one or two clubs:  Steel shaft @ $85 each, graphite shaft @ $95 each.  Any shaft flex.  Ladies, men’s senior, regular or stiff.

Price for more than two clubs:

Set of three:  Steel @ $229, graphite at $259

Set of four:  Steel @ $309, graphite @ $349

Set of five:  Steel @ $380, graphite @ $430

Set of six:  Steel @ $455, graphite @ $515

Set of seven:  Steel @ $525, graphite @ $595

Set of eight:  Steel @ $595,  graphite @ $675

Set of nine:  Steel @ $659, graphite @ $749

Set of ten:  Steel @ $719, graphite @ $809

Headcovers not included.  Available at $7 each.

 (We pay $6.95 for them, so it’s not a “profit-maker”.  Headcovers available only to customers who purchase clubs.)




  1. Wilde

    Bought a 7 and 9 wood. Took a bit to get used to but that was more me than the clubs. I love them. Consistantly hit the distance I want and are very forgiving

  2. Paul Pich

    11 wood has been my best club in my bag since I got it. Never lets me down

  3. Vic Wetmore

    I want to let you know how much I like the Bang Storm fairway woods, 3 – 21. I just shot my age with these clubs, I am 76 and shot a 75. It is nice to address the ball without the fear of shanking a shot.

    My playing partners have also been quite impressed. They are stunned when I hit a 50 yard sand wedge fairway wood and my ball settles next to the pin!

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