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Do you want your club(s) spine aligned?

Add $5 for your Fairway Woods to be spine aligned.


(Note there are now two models of Bang fairway woods.  The original SF model and the Bang Storm.)

If you struggle with your irons, then take a look at these.

Available in 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood, 9 wood, 11 wood, 13 wood, 15 wood, 17 wood, 19 wood, and 21 wood.

(See the chart below for the equivalent irons to these woods.)

Prices below, based on steel shafts or graphite, and based on the number of clubs you buy.

Shown above are the Bang 3, 5, 7 and 9 woods.

Shown above are the Bang 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 woods.

These fairway woods are SO easy to hit.  Oversize, forgiving, and beautiful.  Check out all the different woods available!

Available both right and left handed all the way up to the 21 wood…. 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 and 21 woods.  (Yep, if you’re left handed, you can get them all the way up to the 21 wood.)

An added benefit of these clubs…. they are incredibly easy to line up.  The silver face of the club overlaps the top of the clubhead by about 3/16 of an inch; giving you an easy to see thick silver line on the top of the head.  You just line up the shot with the silver line perpendicular to your target line.  What a great design!

For your information, here are approximately what each wood equates to in an iron based on normal iron lofts from about 10 years ago.  However, the golf manufacturers have been making iron lofts stronger the last few years, (so you think you’re hitting the ball further with their clubs?), thus you might consider one wood “lower” if you’re looking to replace a particular iron.  (Meaning if you were looking to buy a wood to replace a 7 iron, you might get an 11 wood instead of a 13 wood.)

Based on “older” iron lofts:

9 wood = 5 iron
11 wood = 6 iron
13 wood = 7 iron
15 wood = 8 iron
17 wood = 9 iron
19 wood = Pitching Wedge
21 wood = Gap Wedge

Based on “newer” iron lofts:

So a 9 wood = 6 iron
11 wood = 7 iron
13 wood = 8 iron
15 wood = 9 iron
17 wood = PW
19 wood = strong  47 degree Gap Wedge
21 wood = 52 degree Gap Wedge

Here are the lofts of each club:

3 wood = 15 degrees; 5 wood = 19 degrees; 7 wood = 23 degrees; 9 wood = 27 degrees; 11 wood = 31 degrees; 13 wood = 35 degrees; 15 wood = 39 degrees;
17 wood = 43 degrees; 19 wood = 47 degrees, and the 21 wood = 52 degrees.


Price for one or two clubs:  Steel shaft @ $79 each, graphite shaft @ $89 each.  Any shaft flex.  Ladies, men’s senior, regular or stiff.

Price for more than two clubs:

Set of three:  Steel @ $222, graphite at $240

Set of four:  Steel @ $285, graphite @ $319

Set of five:  Steel @ $355, graphite @ $399

Set of six:  Steel @ $420, graphite @ $475

Set of seven:  Steel @ $485, graphite @ $550

Set of eight:  Steel @ $549,  graphite @ $625

Set of nine:  Steel @ $613, graphite @ $695

Set of ten:  Steel @ $670, graphite @ $760

Headcovers not included.  Available at $7 each.   (We pay $6.95 for them, so it’s not a “profit-maker”. Covers available only to people who have bought clubs from us.)



  1. Kiwisfly

    I purchased a 9 and and an 11 SF BANG Wood, specifically for 2 par3’s on my local course. The darn things are so easy to hit, with incredible accuracy that I’m now using them all over the course for different situations. Yesterday I hit my 11wood 120 yards from a dirty lie in the rough under a tree to 3 feet from the pin, my playing partners were left with their jaws on the ground. I missed the 3 foot birdie putt but that’s another story for another day!
    if you want to know what confidence feels like when at address then get yourself an SF Bang.
    The service, quality and integrity of Tom-the owner, is second to none!

  2. Mark Style

    I am a senior golfer who had trouble hitting my short irons. I ended up using my 7 iron from 120 yards and shorter. It seems all I could do was pitch & run. I bought a full set of Bang Fairway Woods; 3 to 21. It took a while to get all my distances worked out (I made a chart hanging on my golf bag). It worked this last season I hit my age 7 times (I am 77). I don’t play a real long course but I am a “good” golfer once again. I would highly recommend these clubs if you are having trouble hitting irons. These Bang Golf clubs certainly are confidence builders.

  3. David Poehler

    Bought a set of woods 15, 17, 19 replaced my pitching wedge, 9 iron and 8 iron, cause I wasn’t consistent with the iron, playing with the woods I shot a 39 for nine, average score 46,48 been shooting low to mid nineties, now in the eighties low nineties playing twice a week now.

  4. Kevin P

    Want to give 2 thumbs up for Bang SF 17/19 woods to replace my pw /gap because I’m getting additional yards. Since I’m weekend “warrior” golfer and only buy and play budgeted clubs, these are great. Tested on range and then in play and they really perform for me. Thanks!!

  5. Michael Foley

    Used to be a decent golfer then got to where I could just not hit an iron shot so I just quit golf 10 years ago. Discovered Tom by chance and he told me about these Bang high lofted fairway woods and how easy they were to hit. I ordered the 9-11-13-15 and wish I’d gotten the 17 also. Tom was right, they are really easy to hit, my game is coming back and I’m having fun again on a golf course. Tom is an honest man that knows golf, you can’t go wrong taking with him and following his recommendations. Thanks a whole bunch Tom, life is good again!

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