golgcl Acer XDS React Iron Hybrids

Acer XDS Hybrid Irons



A true combination hybrid iron set, with a wide sole design in the longer clubs for excellent forgiveness and higher ball flight; and thinner soles for the short irons, for better ground/ball contact, pin seeking accuracy; with a natural transition for each club in between.  These clubheads incorporate an advanced hollow head construction, a high MOI design, and a thin variable cup face,  for a “trampoline” effect, and increased distance.  The back of the short irons have the look of a “blade” for the traditional player, yet the clubhead technology is far superior in terms of forgiveness.

Available right handed, 4 thru PW, Gap and Sand Wedge.  Buy one club, two clubs… up to a full set.

Lofts: # 4 = 21 degrees, # 5 = 24 degrees, # 6 = 27 degrees, # 7 = 30 degrees, # 8 = 34 degrees, # 9 = 39 degrees,
Pitching Wedge = 44 degrees, Gap Wedge = 49 degrees, Sand Wedge = 55 degrees.

Prices:  Steel shafts:  Choose from steel, senior flex, regular flex, stiff flex, or ladies steel flex.

Price:  For a “full set” of 8 clubs in the 4-PW and Gap Wedge:  (or 5-PW, Gap and Sand Wedge)

Steel shaft, any flex:  8 club sets @ $335, or 9 club set @ $365

Or Graphite shafts, any flex: 8 club set $415, or 9 club set @ $455

8 club set can be either the # 4 thru PW, and Gap Wedge; OR 4-PW and Sand Wedge, or the 5 thru PW, Gap AND Sand Wedge.
9 club set is the 4 thru PW, Gap and Sand Wedge.

Or you can buy individually, or less than a full set as follows:

Steel Shafts:                                                 Graphite Shafts:

One or two clubs, $59 each                      One or two clubs, $69 each
Set of three, $165                                      Set of three, $190
Set of four, $200                                        Set of four, $240
Set of five. $239                                         Set of five, $299
Set of 6, $275                                             Set of six, $345
Set of 7, $310                                             Set of seven, $395
Set of 8, $335                                              Set of eight, $ 425
Set of 9, $365                                              Set of nine, $455

No Headcovers available at this time.
Spine aligning:  If you want your clubs spine aligned, $5 per club, or $29 for the full set.

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