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This is for the golfer that hates his (or her) irons!

If the worst part of your game is inside 150 yards, you can improve that pretty easily!

Maybe you are an older guy, your swing has slowed down, and your irons have gone to hell.

Maybe you have more of a sweeping swing, as opposed to the ideal iron downswing,  and your irons have always been a weak part of your game.

Maybe you consistently hit 260 yard drives, 200 plus yard 3 woods, but when you’re 140 yards out, you hit the green less than 50% of the time.  Pitiful, right?

Maybe you’re a lady whose been playing for years, has a good fairway wood/hybrid game, but whose irons constantly let you down.

If your middle to short irons are what is causing you a ton of aggravation, you could definitely be improving on that..  Posting some lower scores… having more fun, being less aggravated….shooting some better scores.  And do it fairly inexpensively.

Take a look at these four clubs….. they are all Pitching Wedges.   Specifically hybrid pitching wedges. Much bigger sweetspots than a traditional PW, mishits go farther and straighter.  You can’t shank them….  So many people don’t even know these products are available, and could help you enjoy the game a lot more…………





These particular Pitching Wedges are from 4 different hybrid sets we have.  All have lofts in the 40 to 45 degree range.  We sell lots of full hybrid sets, but also get a lot of people buying less than full sets, maybe a set of four hybrids, like a 7, 8, 9 and PW; or maybe just a single clubs, like an 8 or 9 hybrid or a PW hybrid.  We wanted to show these 4 clubs just to show you what kind of clubs are available that can replace some or all of your irons.  Most people have no idea they have options to replace their mid to high irons..

And to give you an idea of how reasonable our prices are, see the following:  (Does not including the UPS shipping)

8 clubs    3-PW                 $295 (steel shafts)                 $375 (graphite shafts, any flex)

Any 5 clubs                     $200  (steel shafts)                $255 (graphite shafts, any flex)

Any 3 clubs                     $130  (steel shafts)               $160 (graphite shafts, any flex)

One club                        $49 (steel shaft)                       $59 (graphite shaft, any flex)


If these type of “irons” appeal to you, and you’d like more information, click on the appropriate page on our website…  Click on the hybrids/utility clubs, and click on the picture of a model that you might like to check out.  Or check out the Bang Fairway Woods, they are available from a 3 wood to a 21 wood (equivalent to a Gap Wedge).  A bit more expensive than the hybrids, but still pretty darn reasonably priced.


https://www.golfclubsforeless.com/hybrids-utility-clubs/                 Hybrids

https://www.golfclubsforeless.com/product/bang-sf-fairway-woods/  Bang woods 3 to 21 woods


Thanks for checking us out…


Tom Anderson



We’re out of the Chicago area, been in business nearly 30 years, and ship all over the country.