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Golf Clubs Fore Less has been in business since 1995 specializing in discount golf clubs & custom golf clubs. We were featured on the ABC News Segment “Best Buys in Chicagoland. Our focus is game improvement, at very reasonable prices. We offer some quality and innovative game improvement golf clubs, including full (or partial) hybrid sets, and high lofted fairway woods (9, 11, 13, 15, 17 & 19 woods) to replace some or virtually all of your irons. And of course we sell traditional irons, drivers, etc, at very reasonable prices. Click on the links above to check out our products, and prices.

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High Lofted Woods, and High Lofted Hybrids

We’ve got a lot of neat stuff, from full hybrid sets, to high lofted fairway woods “11, 13, 15, 17, 19 woods”, (that can replace virtually all of your irons) to Single Length iron sets.

You can quickly get to our products by clicking on one of these links/categories:
Titanium Drivers, Fairway Woods, Iron Sets, Hybrids/Utility Clubs, Single Length Iron Set and Single Length Hybrids.


The best and latest golf club designs, at discount prices

Fairway Woods

Our fairway wood models are easy to hit, and easy on the budget.  Please note that buying a set of woods today is much different than it was several years ago.  Today most people buy a titanium driver, and steel headed fairway woods (usually a combination of two or three fairway woods, from a possible 3, 5, 7, and 9 wood).

But also, more and more people who struggle with their irons are buying higher lofted fairway woods.  To replace their mid irons, or even high lofted irons.  Many people with slower to average swing speeds find these higher lofted woods much easier to hit than the equivalent irons.

Take a look at the Integra Sooo Long, and Bang fairway woods. They are very unusual, in that they also make an 11 wood, 13 wood, 15 wood, 17 wood, 19 wood and a 21 wood.  GREAT for the person who has problems with their iron game.  Note we have four models that go up to a 15 wood, and three models that go up to a 21 wood.
(Four Right Handed, and two Left Handed.)

Hybrid Golf Clubs

Most golfers struggle with their long irons for a couple of possible reasons.  The long irons have a relatively small sweet-spot compared to other irons, and even more importantly MANY golfers don’t generate enough club head speed to to get an adequate “launch angle” for the longer irons.  Many golfers hit their 3, 4 and 5 irons pretty much the same distance for this reason.

Some look like a combination iron/wood, and some look more like a wood.  Typically they take a shorter iron shaft for more control.  They have a much bigger sweet-spot than the long irons, and are MUCH easier to hit.  Check out several models:  (You will find hybrids to replace the traditional “long irons” and hybrids to replace the short irons…all the way up to the Pitching Wedge.  These clubs are GREAT for golfers who want more forgiving clubs than the traditional irons…)  Find several full sets of hybrids golf clubs up to the pitching wedge, and some “partial sets”. (And you can buy individual clubs in all of the models…)

Iron Sets

Our iron sets include the most popular designs, and have the most forgiving, hi-tech features. Here you will find the latest and best golf club technology.  If you haven’t bought new irons in a few years, you owe it to yourself to try the new technology.  (At these prices, what do you have to lose – besides a few strokes!)

A New Concept for this year!  Check out the new Single Length Irons.

Titanium Drivers

The trend today is a larger head, with a bigger sweet-spot, and higher loft.  Better to go with a higher loft, than a lower loft.  The best results will come with a fairly high launch angle, as opposed to a low line drive shot.

These titanium drivers represent the latest technology in drivers – at really low prices.  If you haven’t bought a new driver in 3-5 years, you’re 2nd shots are definitely longer than they need to be.  Get a new titanium driver, and watch your drives go farther, and your 2nd shots get shorter.


Last week, I was in a pro shop just looking around and saw my irons on a display rack. I was amazed that a fancy pro shop was selling my “knock off” brand, but when I took a closer look I saw that they were actually the Callaway Big Bertha Irons. Except for the name they were “identical” to my clubs, (“Turbo” brand that I had purchased from Golf Clubs Fore Less). I asked the manager for permission to bring one of my irons into his shop. I showed him my seven iron and he and his assistant compared it to the Callaways in the display rack. They were both amazed, and could see no difference between the two models.. They were even more amazed that I had paid less than $200 for my clubs and their clubs were on sale for just under $600.

Ross Olmos

“The action wide sole clubs are awesome. I looked forward to the first time I would use these on the course as my driving range hits were just incredible when I first went out to hit with these. I played in my first 4 man scramble and I couldn’t be happier. I was crushing the ball off the tee with the Hybrid 3 and the irons gave me precise accurate hits!! Tom was awesome to work with and answered all my questions to properly fit me for the clubs. I recommend getting the spine alignment!!! I thought it was a marketing gimmick, but after getting the spine alignment done on my clubs and the difference it makes when hitting, you won’t regret your decision either. I am now looking to order a fairway wood or a driver as my next club to complete my set! Thanks Tom and golfclubsforeless!!!”

Robert Lopez

The clubs arrived on Thursday a full day ahead of when you promised them. On Friday morning I went and hit a small bucket of shags with my new Bang 11 through 21 high-lofted fairway woods. I really liked the look and feel. As you know, I have been suffering from the dreaded shanks for 10 years and my handicap had risen from a 9 to as high as 15. Nothing consistently helped my shanks and I’d have 3-4 per round which cost me several strokes and embarrassment.

So, today, I played my first actual round with the Bangs. I shot a 79!! Not one shank! Not even a push! Every shot went high and straight. I hit 9 greens in regulation. I had the time of my life and my golfing buddies of 35 years shook their heads all day—especially when they were paying up after the round!!

I can’t thank you enough for this remarkable golf product. This is the best investment in golf I have ever made–EVER!! (In almost 50 years of playing golf.)

Jack Querio

Tom, yesterday I played my first round with the Bang 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 and 21 woods….
Just for your info, I have been shooting in the high 80’s and Sunday I shoot 78 and without some mistakes should have been 72 using the new Bang woods. Thanks.

Ted Mentz

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If you’re 6’1″ or 6’4, or 6’7″….it’s likely that standard length clubs are sure not helping your game. In most cases, we assemble your clubs to the proper length for your height/measurements, at no additional cost to you. (This applies to the clubs shown on the Irons page, drivers and woods pages, and hybrid pages; not the pre-packaged sets.)


Free matching Sand Wedge with any iron set shown on the Iron Sets page (excluding the Single Length and Swing Science FC Plus One irons, and excluding hybrid sets unless otherwise mentioned.)

Hybrid Option with any iron set. Throw out the # 3 iron, and add a # 3 Hybrid for just an additional $20. You can do this for as many clubs as you want at $20 each (excluding the Single Length irons).

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