The Cryogenic/Plasma Models


This model has been cryogenically frozen to a temperature of 300 degrees below zero.  At this point, the molecular structure of the head is very unstable, and would actually shatter if dropped to the ground.  The golf club head is then rapidly removed from this environment and introduced to a blast furnace that has been preheated to a temperature of 1800 degrees.  Through a molecular chemical process called carbon precipitation, the molecular grams of the metal flow together, leaving the head more than twice as hard as titanium.  The process also creates a unique black chrome coloring on the face, sole and inside the hosel.  The resulting feel is excellent, and the transfer of energy from clubhead to ball is outstanding.

To make a long story short, the face of the clubhead is extremely hard, and the ball really jumps off the face of the club.

This process has been done to the following models:

Integra L Series Steelhead, Integra L1 Titanium, Integra 330, and Integra Plasma Offset.

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